Currently, there exists a decision tree diagnostic tool to guide clinicians through the Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders; however, there is a need for a more accessible and user friendly diagnostic tool. We designed a new, checklist-style diagnostic tool with these goals in mind, and in this study, we compared the use of our new tool with the use of the pre-existing decision tree tool.

A new patient presents with complete edentulism on the maxillary left quadrant as well as an additional missing canine in the esthetic zone of the lower-left mandibular quadrant as a result of trauma from an accidental fall. An implant-supported removable partial denture (RPD) for the upper-left quadrant and a single implant crown to replace #22, turned out to be the best solution.

The patient presented with a missing tooth that was extracted during the COVID shutdown, crowns that were approximately 20 years old and chipped and mismatched shades that did not fit her smile line. In addition, the restorations had mismatched shades and did not fit her smile line. The team decided to treat all the units together with crown and bridge to give the patient her brand new smile.