2022 Award Winners

2022 marked the 24th annual Excellence Day. We were very pleased to hold the event in-person this year, allowing participants to interact directly with judges and their peers.

72 presentations from Dugoni students were submitted to a variety of award categories this year, representing the breadth of clinical achievements, research, educational projects, scholarship, multidisciplinary collaboration and dedication to serving broader communities that characterizes a Dugoni “Head, Heart, Hands” education.

The OKU-Sutro Excellence Day Committee recognizes the following 2022 awardees.

OKU Clinical Awards:

OKU Group Practice Clinical Excellence Award

Oral Rehabilitation of a Patient with Special Needs
Alex D. Nguyen, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Michael Tiller, Dr. Namrata Nayyar, Dr. Mark Stevenson, Dr. Adham Azim, Dr. Nikhil Malhan, Dr. Bianca Aboubakare, Dr. Bernadette Fa, Dr. Mary Turoff, Carlos Correa, Gigi Maranan, Maria Bran, Stone Mao, DDS 2023

OKU Implant Dentistry Award

Restoring Esthetics using an Implant-Supported Fixed Partial Denture
Amanda Grace Tran, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Duhn, and Dr. Sadowsky

Sindhuja Mudunuri, IDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Gonzalez, Dr. Kenyon, Dr. Bunnell, Dr. Sadowsky, Dr. Chen, Dr. Yidi (Ortho Resident), and Carlos Correa

OKU Removable Prosthodontics Award

Denture Contact Stomatitis and Remaking Dentures with Urethane Dimethacrylate (UDMA) through a Dynesthetic and Dentogenic Concept and a Semi-Digital Process
Youjia Maggie Ma, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Steven Sadowsky, Dr. Rex Hoover, Dr. Steve Curtis, Dr. Des Gallagher, Dr. Namrata Nayyar, Ms. Gini Maranan, and Mr. Fayyaz Ibrahim

Full mouth rehabilitation with the combination of fixed and removable prostheses using nonmetal clasp
Ambika Arun, IDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. LaBarre, Dr. Hoover, Dr. Tran, Dr. Eliason, Dr. Low, and Dr. Weber

OKU Restorative (Direct/Indirect) Award

Closing Diastema with Four Anterior Porcelain Veneers
Youjia Maggie Ma, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Michael Tiller, Dr. Karishma Shah, Dr. Harry Jew, Dr. Dharmani, Dr. Tim Patel, Dr. Mary Turoff, and Mr. Carlos Correa

The Anterior Esthetic Rehabilitation
Alex D. Nguyen, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Sampada Deshpande, Dr. Angela An, Dr. Todd Iverson, Dr. Allen Pineda, and Carlos Correa

OKU Supportive Therapies Award

Overcoming Disability Through Oral Health Care
Kyle A. Schwartz, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Michael Thomas​, Dr. Gary Grill​, Dr. Ned Nix​, Dr. Craig Dunlap​, Dr. Rene Bagus​, Dr. Navid Knight​, Dr. Chi Tran, Dr. Gretchen Bruce, Dr. Fatima Mashkoor​, Dr. Rex Hoover​, Dr. Tamer Alpagot, ​Dr. Daniel Castana, Dr. Burt Masangkay, Dr. Scott Dexter, Dr. Sandy Bocks​, and California Dental Arts Lab   

In Research:

AADR Dentsply Sirona Award

Assessment of mandibular plane changes using conventional versus miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion in adolescents
Michael Ricupito, DDS 2023, Derek John Skousen, DDS 2022, Robert Daniel Voorhees, Orthodontics Resident, 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Bianchi, Dr. Oh

ADA Foundation/Colgate Dental Students Award

COVID-19 Wastewater Project: Validating SARS-CoV-2 Detection Techniques
David Kim, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): N/A

ADA/Dentsply Student Clinicians of the ADA Award

The Role of Inflammation in Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Literature Review, Preliminary Data, and Future Experiments
Jisoo Kim, DDS 2023, Rachel Choi, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): N/A

Dugoni Basic Sciences Award

Biomarkers of Orthodontic Tooth Movement
Max Kazantcev, IDS 2023, Kamal Thapaliya, IDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Tolarova, Dr. Tolar

Hinman Symposium Award

Sex Differences in the Immune Response to Chronic Periodontitis
John ‘Travis’ Huang, DDS 2024
Mentor(s): Dr. Han, Dr. Gaudilliere

OKU Senior Excellence Award (DDS)

The Effects of Cigarette Smoke on SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Human GECs
Kaitlyn Marie Liu, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Silva, Dr. Ojcius, Harmony Dakafay

OKU Senior Excellence Award (IDS)

In-Vitro Composite Surface Analysis Using Four Polishing Systems – A SEM STUDY
Shreya Nerli, IDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Karen Schulze, Dr. Patrick Roetzer, Scott Davis

In Dental Hygiene:

Dental Hygiene Research Award

Shared Decision Making in Dental Hygiene Appointments
José A. Verdugo, DH 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Dave Chambers, Prof. Lory Laughter

In Community Health Service:

OKU Community Health Leadership & Innovation Award

Student Community Outreach for Public Education: Past, Present, & Future
Samantha Louise Gallia, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Professor Christine Miller, Dr. Bonnie Jue, Dr. Tim Verceles, Eric Bertumen, Carol Weinstein, Karl Pfeifer, and Dean Nadershahi

OKU Community Health Service Award

Continued Effort with Innovative Approaches to Promote Oral Health in Pandemic Time
Rupinder Kaur Brar, IDS 2022
Mentor(s): Professor Christine Miller, Dr. Tim Verceles, Dr. Bonnie Jue, SCOPE Project Leaders and Team Members, Jon Draper and Stakeholders (Various Community Organizations), Dr. Sandy McLaren

In the Personalized Instruction Program (PIP):

Personalized Instructional Program Bench/Clinical Research Award

CBCT Analysis of Root Resorption in Orthodontic Patients with Short Root Anomaly
Sani e Zehra Zaidi, IDS 2022
Mentor(s): This study was partially funded by the Research Enhancement Award Activity 141 from the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

Diabetes, Periodontitis and The Oral Microbiome
Madison West, DDS 2023, Kaitlin Liautaud, DDS 2023, C. Hunter Pitts, DDS 2023, Michael Ricupito, DDS 2023, Joshua Young Cho, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Xiaoyuan Han, and Dr. Traci Pitts

Personalized Instructional Program Community Health Service and Health Promotion Award

Dental treatment of patients with prune belly syndrome
Garrett Roy Quilici, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Marie Tolarova

Special Olympics Special Smiles: Virtual Special Smiles Self-Assessment Program and Poll (VSSSAPP)
Thendral Began, IDS 2023, Susanne Carpenter, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Lynne Wong

Personalized Instructional Program Teaching Material Creation Award

A Clinical Guide to Proper Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of Patients with Gingival Health, Gingivitis, and Periodontitis
Pardis Jonathan Vakili, DDS 2022, Jordan Arron Jew, DDS 2022, Amanda Grace Tran, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Bill Lundergan

The Efficacy of Peer Assessment on Virtual Collaborative Learning Experiences in Dental Education
Esha Patel, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Parvati Iyer

In Graduate Dentistry:

OKU Endodontics Award

Time to take the root canals back: A systematic approach to endodontic pain
Ross Burman, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Alan Gluskin, Dr. Mark Stevenson, Dr. James Stephens, and Dr. Sandy Ward

Residents AEGD Award

Oral Rehabilitation of a Cardiac In-Patient Through Bedside Fabrication of Complete Dentures; Improving Conditions of Wasting and Depression In Three Appointments
Dr. Arjun Gupta, AEGD 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Allen Wong, the patient and his partner

Residents Endodontics Award

Surgical Removal of a Separated Instrument During Apicoectomy
Dr. Mia Jonelle Tittle, Endo 2022
Mentor(s): Dr. Adham Azim

Residents Endodontics Award

Regenerative Endodontics treatment on an autotransplanted tooth
Dr. Kazra Mirza, Endo 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Azim, Dr. Maskhoor

Residents Orthodontics Award

A Multidisciplinary Case: ​Creating an esthetic smile and ​closing missing teeth spaces with the minimal number of implants​
Dr. Bianca Amy Lau, Ortho 2022, Youjia Maggie Ma, DDS 2022, Janice Ma, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Joorok Park, Dr. Ivan Lo, Dr. Micaela Zaverdinos, Youjia Maggie Ma, Janice Ma, Dr. Gonzalez, Dr. Noble

Multidisciplinary Case Presentation
Dr. Gabrielle Louise Wainwright, Ortho 2022, Devon H. Scott, DDS 2022
Mentor(s): N/A

In First-Year Dentistry:

1st Year DDS Pre-Clinical Award

Capstone: Simulation Complex Patient
Rachel Healy, DDS 2024
Mentor(s): Dr. Tittle, Dr. Pansoy

Simulated Complex Patient
Britton Beckstead, DDS 2024
Mentor(s): N/A


Thank you, Dugoni school community, for attending OKU-Sutro Excellence Day 2022! Special thanks to our school leadership, OKU chapter, student presenters, judges, moderators, administrators, alumni and school community attendees who have come together to make this year a robust online event.

Special thanks to…

Dean Nader A. Nadershahi for his leadership and support of the Dugoni School academic community represented at this year’s schoolwide showcase.

Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) Dugoni School Chapter, The Henry A. Sutro Endowment, Dugoni School Annual Fund, and the Office of Academic Affairs for their generous support of this annual event.

2022 Keynote Speaker

Special thanks to Allen Huang for sharing his industry expertise as our OKU Sutro Excellence Day 2022 keynote speaker. 

2022 Faculty and Guest Judges

Drs.:  Homer Asadi, Kalid Aziz, Jonas Bianchi, Charles Bocks, Alan Budenz, Gina Chann, Tom Ellerhorst, Des Gallagher, Geraldine Gerges Gaid, Alan Gluskin, Foroud Hakim, Xiaoyuan Han, Rex Hoover, Terry Hoover, Joe Hu, Lisa Itaya, Parvati Iyer, Aouse Khalil, David Lam, Lory Laughter, Sandra Mclaren, Gabriella Musacchia, Fadi Najem, Walid Nehme, David Ojcius, Allen Pineda, Mustafa Radif, Gitta Radjaeipour, Steven Sadowsky, Jamie Sahouria, Eugene Santucci, Noëlle Santucci, Karen Schulze, Roxanne Shafiee, Cassio Silva, Mark Stevenson, Der Thor, Mary Turoff, Mark Vaughan, Allen Wong, Debra Woo, Ben Zeitlin, Celia Zhang

OKU Sutro Excellence Day Planning Committee 2021-2022, including:

Chair: Dr. Karen Schulze

Faculty: Prof. Eve Cuny, Dr. Des Gallagher, Dr. Alan H. Gluskin, Dr. Rex Hoover, Dr. Terry Hoover, Dr. Jiong Hu, Dr. Fadi Najem, Prof. Lory Laughter, Dr. Cindy Lyon, Prof. Christine Miller, Dr. David Ojcius, Dr. Allen Wong, Dr. Debra Woo, Dr. Andrew Young, Dr. Rebecca Moazzez

Staff: Joanna Faltys, Karl Pfeifer, Rowena O’Connor, Karita Zimmerman, Katherine Falk

The Audiology program at Pacific’s School of Health Sciences for their participation and collaboration.

4F Academic Support Coordinators, including: Jen Ojeda, Cindy Mar, Bonita Wong, Jesse Clerici, Eric Bertumen, Lori Hui, Carol Weinstein, and Malou Ruperto-Thompson