2020 Award Winners

2020 marked the 22nd annual Excellence Day, and in consideration of recent changes brought about by COVID-19, this year’s annual event migrated to a virtual online format.

161 presentations from Dugoni students were submitted to a variety of award categories this year, representing the breadth of clinical achievements, research, educational projects, scholarship, multidisciplinary collaboration and dedication to serving broader communities that characterizes a Dugoni “Head, Heart, Hands” education.

The OKU-Sutro Excellence Day Committee recognizes the following 2020 awardees.

In Research:

OKU DDS Excellence Senior Award
Hard Tissue Evaluation after MARPE
Bianca Lau DDS ’20; Hahnnah Park DDS ’20; Cierra Randall DDS ’20
Mentors: Drs. Kevin Shimizu; Heeyeon Suh; Joorok Park; Heesoo Oh

OKU IDS Excellence Senior Award
Shear Bond Strength Evaluation of Composite vs GIC
Deepali Malla, IDS ‘20
Mentor: Dr. Karen Schulze

AADR Dentsply Sirona Award
Airway Analysis in Open Bite Treatment
Nick Vermette DDS ’21; Mehtab Warya DDS ’21
Mentors: Drs. Mona Awadi; Joorok Park; Heesoo Oh

AADR Annual Meeting Award
Evaluation of Skeletal and Dental Asymmetries in Patients with Angle Class II Subdivision Malocclusion with 3-Dimensional Analysis of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography
Seonghyeon (Kurt) Kim DDS ‘21; Alyssa Morrow DDS ‘21
Mentors: Drs. Ivan Lo; Kyra Lee; Heeyeon Suh; Joorok Park; Heesoo Oh

Hinman Symposium Research Award
Expression of the ErbB Family of Receptor Tyrosine Kinases and Toll-like Receptor 4 on Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells: A Preliminary Study
Eric Le DDS ‘20; Nicholas Meckfessel DDS ‘21
Mentor: Dr. Takahiro Chino

AADR — San Francisco Section Award
Vertical Dimensions of Mandible in Class II Subdivision Malocclusion with Skeletal Asymmetry
Sarah Greene DDS ’20; Renee Greene DDS ’21
Mentors: Drs. Ivan Lo; Kyra Lee; Heeyeon Suh; Joorok Park; Heesoo Oh

Dugoni Basic Sciences Award
Literature Review: Comparison of the Effects of Cigarette Smoke on Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Dental Stem Cells
Brandon Nguyen DDS ‘21
Mentors: Drs. Tamer Alpagot; Heesoo Oh; David Ojcius; Nan Xiao

Dugoni Clinical Sciences Award
Airway dimension change after open bite treatment — 3D CBCT study
Brandon Nguyen DDS ‘21; Jeongsik (Arthur) Oh DDS ‘21; Chan Hee (Christine) Park DDS ‘21
Mentors: Drs. Mona Awadi; Heeyeon Suh; Joorok Park; Heesoo Oh

Noteworthy research presentations

Silver Nanoparticles — a versatile therapeutic and biomimetic intervention in dentistry: A Systematic Review
Shalaka Desai IDS ‘21

Dental Considerations for Manned Missions to the Moon and Mars
Preston Fong DDS ‘22; Alex D. Nguyen DDS ‘22; Jacob Phen DDS ‘22
Mentor: Dr. Namrata Nayyar

Effectiveness of 1064 Diode Laser Therapy for Treatment of Periodontitis
Authors: Drs. Joseph Zingale; Navid Knight; Miriam Robins; Lisa Harpenau; David Chambers; William Lundergan

In Clinical Care:

OKU Group Practice Clinical Excellence Award, Grand Prize

Trios Split Mouth Study
Leah Life DDS ’20, Group Practice 2C
Group Practice Leader: Mark Booth


Restoration in the esthetic zone for a patient with anterior open-bite
Hetal (Hazel) Trivedi IDS ’20 (1st Place)
Mentors: Drs. Shika Gupta; Edward Orson; Raymond Sheridan

Restoring Dentition with Indirect Restorations using Trios and CEREC Digital Dentistry
Marwa Elkharsity DDS ’20 (2nd Place)
Mentors: Drs. Sandra McLaren; Laura Reid; Michael Tiller

OKU Endodontics

Endodontic Retreatment vs. Implant for Anterior Teeth
Chintan Patel IDS ’20 (1st Place)

Endodontics Portfolio
Anna Duan DDS ’20 (2nd Place)
Mentor: Dr. Ray Scott

OKU Implant Dentistry

Restoring a Genuine Smile
Madelyne (Maddy) Salo DDS ’20 (1st Place)
Mentor: Dr. Rex Hoover

Developing Emergence Profile for an Implant Restoration
Hetal (Hazel) Trivedi IDS ’20 (2nd Place)
Mentors: Drs. Eduardo Gonzalez; Steven Sadowsky

OKU Supportive Therapies

Oral Rehabilitation – Schizophrenia
Shawn Yazdanmehr DDS ’20 (1st Place)

Restoring a Patient with Dental Fear
Kristin Anderson DDS ’20 (2nd Place)

OKU Removable Prosthodontics

Radiotherapy Considerations for a Prosthodontically-Driven Treatment Plan
Patrick Pansoy IDS ’20 (1st Place)

Oral Rehabilitation Using Complete Dentures
Michael Villavecer DDS ’20 (2nd Place)

OKU Restorative (Direct/Indirect)

Multidisciplinary Oral Rehabilitation for Patient Who Has Not Received Dental Care in Many Years
Bianca Lau DDS ’20 (1st Place)

Oral Rehabilitation for a Patient with Amelogenisis Imperfecta and Autism
Cierra Randall DDS ’20 (2nd Place)

In Dental Hygiene:

Dental Hygiene Award

Platelet-rich fibrin vs. connective tissue graft: a literature review
Stephanie Tu DH ’20
Mentor: Dr. William Lundergan

In Community Health Service:

OKU Community Health Service and Exemplary Leadership Award

Community Service & Leadership
Emilio Tapia, DDS ‘20

Senior Smiles and Wellness Program: Continuation of a hybrid Interprofessional Education [IPE] Model for Assessing Community Health
Jordan Barnett DDS ’20; Mandy Chen DDS ’20; Jeffrey Stoker DDS ’20
Mentors: Prof. Christine Miller; Dr. Kim Benton

Adopt-A-School in SF Chinatown: GJL Education and Oral Screenings
Mandy Chen DDS ’20; Peggy Chen DDS ’20
Mentors: Dr. Bonnie Jue; Prof. Christine Miller

Community Health Service: Diversity in Volunteering
Sherif Elkhatib IDS ’20

Impact of Community Outreach: The Value of Reflection
Elliott (Ellie) Schwartz DDS ’20
Mentor: Prof. Christine Miller

Extramural Clinical Enrichment Weekends and Academic Breaks
David Zhang DDS ’20
Mentor: Prof. Christine Miller

In the Personalized Instruction Program (PIP):

PIP Bench/Clinical Research Award

Species of Yeast Identified in the Plaque of Healthy Patients vs Periodontal Patients
Michelle Fong DDS ’21
Mentors: Drs. Der Thor; Tamer Alpagot; Nan Xiao

PIP Teaching Material Creation Award

Tooth Fairy: A Dental Anatomy App
Tiffany Nguyenfa DDS ’20
Mentor: Dr. Michelle Brady

PIP Community Health Service and Health Promotion Award

Bay Area Dental Outreach
Jun Hyuk (Alex) Huh DDS ‘20; Michael Kawulok DDS ‘20; Winston Limhengco DDS ‘20; Greg Lin DDS ’20; Kevin Nguyen DDS ’20; Andrew Sun DDS ’20;
Mentors: Drs. Carsen Bentley; Mark Booth; Harry Lin; Prof. Christine Miller

TODCO Senior Housing: Serving the Underserved
Rutu Shah, DDS ’20; Nicole Shinkawa, DDS ’20
Mentor: Prof. Christine Miller

In Graduate Endodontics:

Graduate Endodontics Residency Award

3D Printing For Endodontic Applications
Gordon Lai DDS ‘20

Clinical Endodontics: Re-treatment of carrier-based obturations.
Serena Lee DDS ‘20

Thank you to our 2020 Faculty Judges

Drs.: Janet Andrews; Kalid Aziz; Carsen Bentley; Kim Benton; Philip Buchanan; Prof. Brenda Barrientos Calero; Michelle Brady; Steven Curtis; Craig Dunlap; Thomas Ellerhorst; Bernadette Fa; Johnah Galicia; Eduardo Gonzalez; Alan Gluskin; Rudy Hakim; Xiaoyuan Han; Samer Hejlawy; Rex Hoover; Terry Hoover; Lisa Itaya; Lory Laughter; Marcia Loo; Fatima Mashkoor; Sandra McLaren; Jim Milani; Prof. Christine Miller; Ned Nix; Warden Noble; David Ojcius; Kam Pareek; Christine Peters; Priya Prasannakumar; Gitta Radjaeipour; Patrick Roetzer; Steven Sadowsky; Eugene Santucci; Noelle Santucci; Robert Savage; Karen Schulze; Ray Scott; Ed Shaw; Bina Surti; Marie Tolarova; Mirek Tolar; Mary Turoff; Allen Wong; Debra Woo.

OKU-Sutro Excellence Day 2020 Committee

Chair: Dr. Karen Schulze
Faculty: Rupa Balachandran;Des Gallagher; Terry Hoover; Rex Hoover; Lory Laughter; Christine Miller; David Ojcius; Allen Wong
Staff: Sharon Bura; Sandra Derian; Lindsey Green; Annie Han; Lidia Lambrusco; Carol Weinstein; Bonita Wong; Melissa Yamanaka; Karita Zimmerman

2020 Submissions

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