2023 Award Winners

2023 marked the 25th annual Excellence Day. We were very pleased to hold the event in-person this year, allowing participants to interact directly with judges and their peers.

72 presentations from Dugoni students were submitted to a variety of award categories this year, representing the breadth of clinical achievements, research, educational projects, scholarship, multidisciplinary collaboration and dedication to serving broader communities that characterizes a Dugoni “Head, Heart, Hands” education.

The OKU-Sutro Excellence Day Committee recognizes the following 2023 awardees.

OKU Clinical Awards

OKU Group Practice Clinical Excellence Award

Rebuilding confidence through a smile: Implant and Veneer Rehabilitation

Max Kazantcev, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Steven Sadowsky, Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez, Dr. Sandy McLaren, Dr. Chi Tran, Dr. Des Gallagher, Dr. Karen Schulze, Dr. Rebecca Moazzez, Dr. Bernadette Fa, Dr. John Huang, Carlos Correa, Alfredo Riley, California Dental Arts (CDA) Laboratory, Neda Dragisic DDS 2022.

OKU Implant Dentistry Award

Clinical Case of Titanium Mesh for Bone Augmentation

Jade Chang, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez, Dr. Fatima Mashkoor, Dr. Hussein Al-Wakeel

Rebuilding Confidence Through a Smile: Implant and Veneer Rehabilitation

Max Kazantcev, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Steven Sadowsky, Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez, Dr. Sandy McLaren, Dr. Chi Tran, Dr. Des Gallagher, Dr. Karen Schulze, Dr. Rebecca Moazzez, Dr. Bernadette Fa, Dr. John Huang, Carlos Correa, Alfredo Riley, California Dental Arts (CDA) Laboratory, Neda Dragisic DDS 2022.

OKU Removable Prosthodontics Award

Comprehensive Case Presentation on Oral Rehabilitation

Nabiha Ahmed, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Drs. Partha, Eliason, Hoover, LaBarre, Curtis, Tran, Frick, Barnby, Ferreira, Reid, Weber, Karimian, Edwards, Kogan, Farhood, Nix, Nehme, and Nash

Restoring Smile, Confidence, and Function: A Dental Rehabilitation Journey

Stone Mao, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Michel Tiller, Dr. Rex Hoover, Dr. Steve Curtis

OKU Restorative (Direct/Indirect) Award

Multidisciplinary Oral Rehabilitation with Altered VDO

Anya Boinik, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Aziz, Dr. Curtis, Carlos Correa, Dr. Boghossian, Dr. Polonsky, Dr. Gary Grill, Dr. Andres and Dr. Sandy Ward

Maryland Bridge: The Last Hope

Casey Bravo, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Carlos Correa, Dr. Andrews, Dr. Moazzez, Dr. Sandy Ward

OKU Supportive Therapies Award

Let’s Talk Occupational Acid Tooth Erosion

Hari Ikonomou, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Aouse Khalil 

In Research

AADR Annual Meeting Award

Treatment of Deep Bite Using Clear Aligner Therapy

Robert Zhou, DDS 2024, Mahban Zarei, IDS 2024

AADR San Francisco Section Award

New Paradigm on Pathogenesis of External Cervical Root Resorption

Sarah Makkiyah, DDS 2023, Max Kazantcev, DDS 2023,
Mentor(s): Dr. Alan Gluskin

ADA Foundation/Colgate Dental Students Award

Accuracy of 3-D Automated Landmark Identification on Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

Joyce Choi, DDS 2023, Jake Nealon DDS 2023,
Mentor(s): Dr. Young Eun Jung, Dr. Hanisha Pasupulate, Dr. Heeyeon Suh, Dr. Joorok Park, Dr. Heesoo Oh

ADA/Dentsply Student Clinicians of the ADA Award

Gingival Crevicular Fluid Flow (Volume) as a Biomarker of Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Harrison Truman, DDS 2024; Nina Stevens, Ortho 2024; Tyler Starley, DDS 2024
Mentor(s): N/A

Dugoni Basic Sciences Award

Excellence Day: Simulated Complex Patient Case

Harrison Truman, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Ryan Courtin, Dr. Aniket Dharmorikar, Dr. Gitta Radjaeipour, Dr. Mike Tiller

Hinman Symposium Award

Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block in Pediatric Patients: A Quantitative Assessment

Kelly Fong, DDS 2024, Elisa Wang, DDS 2024, Taylor Pearl, DDS 2024, Sahar Rahnemabayat, DDS 2024
Mentor(s): Dr. Gary D. Richards

OKU Senior Excellence Award (DDS)

Hazardous Noise Level Measured at a Dental Clinic: A Comprehensive Study

Isabella Gantman, DDS 2023, nico scordakis, DDS 2023, Samantha Rodriguez, Emily Bernard
Mentor(s): Dr. Bina Surti, Dr. Karen Schulze, Dr. Fadi Najem, Dr. Jiong Hu

OKU Senior Excellence Award (IDS)

Screw Loosening in Cast-to-UCLA Abutment versus CAD-CAM Abutment Design in Last Five Years: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Jasdeep kaur Cheema, IDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Steven Sadowsky

In Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Research Award

The Effects of Oral Health Home-Care Education on Plaque Control in Patients with Special Healthcare Needs

Edwing Ng, DH 2023, Junhui He, DS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Allen Wong

In Community Health Service

OKU Community Health Leadership & Innovation Award

Smiles Across the World

June Limb, DDS 2024, Shiv Patel, DDS 2024, Kayla Hunt, DDS 2024, John Killam, DDS 2024
Mentor(s): Dr. Terrance Hoover, Prof Eve Cuny, Melanie Mai, Ernesto Lara, Fayyaz Ibrahim, Dr. Eric Yabu, Dr. Johnny Winfield, Dr. Eric Crum, Dr. James Ho, Dr. Angela An, Dr. Mark Stevenson, Dr. Jeffrey Phen, Dr. Nasir Ahmed, Dr. Glenn Hebert

OKU Community Health Service Award

Student Community Outreach for Public Education: (SCOPE) Senior Smiles and Wellness Events 2022-23

Leila Mahmoodi, DDS 2023, Nicholas Liberty, DDS 2023,  Michelle Ma, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Professor Christine Miller

Community Health Service and Leadership: SCOPE Senior Smiles and Wellness Event to Promote Community Health and Education

Kara Kremer, DDS 2023, Philip Stahl, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Professor Christine Miller, Carol Weinstein, Eric Bertumen, Karl Pfeifer and Dan Soine

In the Personalized Instruction Program (PIP)

Personalized Instructional Program Bench/Clinical Research Award

Polymer Chemistry of Dental Adhesives

Alia Rubaie, DDS 2024
Mentor(s): Dr. Karen Schulze

Shear Bond Strength of Chemically-Cured and Light-Cured Bulk Composites at Different Temperatures

George Ibrahim, DDS 2023, Ryan Conlon, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Patrick Roetzer and Dr. Karen Schulze

Personalized Instructional Program Community Health Service and Health Promotion Award

FLOSS SF Fostering Local Oral-Health Support Services in San Francisco

Garrett Barnett, DDS 2024, Alini Agnes, DDS 2024, Kevin Adams, DDS 2024, Kim Lam, DDS 2024, Juliana Towle, DDS 2024
Mentor(s): Dr. Des Gallagher

Guidelines for Addressing Social Determinants of Health in the Dental Clinic

Angelica Amatangelo, DDS 2023

Personalized Instructional Program Teaching Material Creation Award

Oral Rehabilitation with Immediate Dentures for a Patient Presenting with Drug-Induced Gingival Hyperplasia

Krina Shah, IDS 2023

3C Clinical Transitions

Madison Hittle, DDS 2023, Mimi Yee, DDS 2023, William Udall, DDS 2023, Philip Stahl, DDS 2023, Darius Tenorio, DDS 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Shika Gupta

In Graduate Dentistry

Residents AEGD Award

Restoring Form and Function with Single & Multi-Unit Implant Prosthetics

Dr. Mali McGuire, AEGD 2023
Mentor(s): Dr. Allen Wong, Dr. Debra Woo, Dr. Bill Lee, Dr. Michael Beckley

In First-Year Dentistry

1st Year DDS Pre-Clinical Award

Capstone: Simulation Complex Patient

Isaiah Wood, DDS 2025

Capstone: Simulated Complex Patient

Nicolette Alvandian, DDS 2025


Thank you, Dugoni school community, for attending the 2023 OKU Sutro Excellence Day! Special thanks to…

Dean Nader Nadershahi for his leadership and support of the Dugoni School academic community represented at this event.

Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU), Dugoni School Chapter; The Henry A. Sutro Endowment; and the Dugoni School Annual Fund for their generous support of this annual event.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Douglas Terry for sharing his expertise as our OKU Sutro Excellence Day keynote speaker.

All student and resident presenters for showcasing their excellent work.

2023 Faculty and Guest Judges, including Drs.: Hussein Al-Wakeel, Carlos Correa, Eugene Santucci, Allan Pineda, Jamie Sahouria, Mary Turoff, Kalid Aziz, Noelle Santucci, Karen Schulze, Debra Woo, David Ojcius, Homer Asadi, Lisa Itaya, Roxanna Shafiee, Terry Hoover, Mustafa Radif, Der Thor, Cassio Silva, Parvati Iyer, Sandra McLaren, Geraldine Gerges Gaid, Gitta Radjaeipour, Aouse Khalil, Mark Vaughan, Jonas Bianchi, Fadi Najem, Jiong Hu, Gabrielle Musacchia, Celia Zhang, Craig Dunlap, Patrick Roetzer, Rex Hoover, James Stephens, Laura Reid, Prasanna Neelakantan, Andrew Young, David Chambers, Steven Liu, Trang Nguyen, Aline Souza, Chris Miller, Nilou Nadershahi, Patrick Pansoy, Priya Prasannakumar

OKU Sutro Excellence Day Planning Committee 2022-2023, including:

Chair: Dr. Karen Schulze

Faculty: Prof. Eve Cuny, Dr. Des Gallagher, Dr. Rex Hoover, Dr. Terry Hoover, Dr. Fadi Najem, Prof. Lory Laughter, Prof. Christine Miller, Dr. David Ojcius, Dr. Allen Wong, Dr. Debra Woo, Dr. Andrew Young, Dr. Rebecca Moazzez, Dr. Mark Vaughan

Staff: Joanna Faltys, Karl Pfeifer, Sharon Bura, Katherine Falk

The Audiology program at Pacific’s School of Health Sciences for their participation and collaboration.

Additional staff support, including: Emma Hopson, Karinne Patchett, Cindy Mar, Bonita Wong, Jesse Clerici, Eric Bertumen, Lori Hui, Carol Weinstein, Malou Ruperto-Thompson, and Rowena O’Connor