As patients age and live longer, patients’ demand for non-removable options to replace teeth grows. In this particular case study, I evaluated and formulated a comprehensive treatment plan to restore form and function in a partially edentulous patient. Considering the patient’s preference for a fixed implant treatment option, I assessed the risks and benefits contributing to the long-term success of implants for this patient. I developed a surgical and restorative plan for implant placement involving both single unit and multi-unit implant prostheses. From implant planning, placement and restoration, I gained a greater understanding for similarities and differences between workflows for single unit and multi-unit implant prostheses. Thank you to my mentors Dr. Allen Wong, Dr. Debra Woo Dr. Michael Beckley, and the whole AEGD faculty team for their support and guidance.
Methods: A group of third year dental students developed a mentoring program for incoming second year students. The program involved a series of workshops and hands-on training sessions where the third year students shared their experiences and best practices for success in the dental school clinic. The program covered a range of topics, including patient communication, treatment planning, financial decisions and diagnostic principles.

Results: The Clinic transitions program was successful in helping incoming second year students navigate the challenges of transitioning into the clinic, as gathered by surveys. The second year students reported feeling more confident and prepared after participating in the program. The third year students also gained valuable leadership and teaching experience, which will be beneficial to them as they continue their dental education and future careers.

Conclusions: The Clinic transitions program was an effective way for third year dental students to share their experiences and knowledge with incoming second year students. The program not only helped the second year students succeed in the dental school clinic, but also provided the third year students with valuable leadership and teaching experience. The dental school plans to continue this mentoring program in the future to ensure that all students have the resources and support they need to succeed.

Acknowledgements: We would like to acknowledge the support of the dental school faculty and staff in making this program possible. The work of Dr. Gupta, Des Beltran and Marietta Daniel was critical to the success of the program. Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the participating second year students who arrived engaged and eager to learn at every session.